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“I Dream With a Passion of Turning Hatred Into Love”

  Article Title: “I Dream With a Passion of Turning Hatred Into Love” Author: Sean O’Connor (and shared by Craig Lock) Category/Key Words: Inspiration, Sean O’Connor, Love, Building Bridges, Breaking Down Barriers, Tearing Down Walls, Peace, Hope, Dream, Believe, College … Continue reading

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Vintage tennis from players at top of their game

“At this level you need those tough matches against the top guys in order to get confidence, to get self-belief on the court that you can really win majors and win the big matches,” Djokovic said.
“I guess it just clicked in my head. I think that throughout the last couple of years I haven’t changed my game in any major way. Most of the strokes are the same that they were in the last two or three years.
“It’s just that I’m now hitting the shots that I maybe wasn’t hitting in the last two or three years. I’m going for it, I’m more aggressive, and I have just a different approach to the semifinals and finals of major events, especially when I’m playing two great champions, Rafa and Roger.
“In the last couple of years, that wasn’t the case. I was always trying to wait for their mistakes and not really having the positive attitude and believing that I can win. This has changed and the US Open 2010 was definitely one of the turning points in my career.”
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The following is a great letter in the New Zealand Herald
from . It’s the type of letter, I’ve wanted to write for years. Continue reading

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